Got Camel’s Milk

This month I got to meet the camel that I bought from a patient a while back to help him pay his hospital bill and yes she had a baby!  It may sound strange to us in the west, but camel’s milk is quite a delicacy to the Pokot so guess what our patients at the clinic are getting these days?  Tea with camel’s milk!  What a fun blessing that came out of a desire to help a needy patient get home.

The Pokot clinic is going very well and we are hoping to finish the registration process this week which will allow us to start taking patients that have the national insurance which covers their inpatient bills and maternity delivery cost.  We pray this will really help the Pokot to be able to better access the facility.

The school project is coming along great thanks to many people’s generous donations so thank you.  We are looking at the final designs and hope to break ground before the end of the month.  The next school year starts in January so we hope to start by then.  I went to visit the Ministry of Education department last week and they were very encouraging.   Here is a picture of a group of us standing on the site for the school.

Back in Kapsowar things are also going quite well.   We love our work at the hospital which includes teaching medical students from around the world as well as the Kenyan nurses and nursing students.  Vanessa also has quite a ministry in our home with an open door policy and good home cooking that welcomes them all.

We have also started back our community health program where we go into schools and villages each week to teach about whole person health care, hold medical clinics and share the gospel.  It has been fun to see the staff I have been doing this with now for several years get more confident in giving out these valuable messages.

Back on the home front the kids are thriving with lots of opportunities for fun as a family and with their Kenyan friends.  Hudson had a home-made pinata at his birthday party which was a big treat and surprise to the Kenyan kids who had never seen one.  We love our family time and Vanessa loves the privilege she has to get to teach them in homeschool.  Game nights are especially fun!

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