Mingo Valley Walkathon Supports Pokot School


Way to go all the kids at Mingo Valley that partnered with our Pokot school project in their recent walkathon! The day was very successful with lots of fun and in the end $2000 was raised to help build the desks for our new Pokot school.  Praise the Lord! What a sweet way for these kids in America to have a big impact for the African kids here. We are very thankful and appreciative to the leadership at Mingo Valley Christian School who agreed to sponsor our project.

The construction at our school site is going along very well. We now have buildings with foundations, roofs and the bricks are quickly going up. There is a large underground water tank that we are nearing completion on which will help us store the rainwater which we will collect. As many of you know Pokot land is very dry so access to water can be a big problem. But our God is bigger than all our trials and He will overcome. Enjoy seeing some pictures of the project as it is coming along below.

Please keep praying with us to ask the Lord to make this school a success and a place where kids and parents will learn to follow Jesus! This week we will be interviewing for our Head Teacher position so pray the Lord would provide just the right one.

Thank you all for your prayers and partnership with us for the gospel to go forth among the Pokot


Kyle Jones DO

In His Image International


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